Additional wishlist
Fall in Love
Which I might also buy for myself if no one will give these to me. hahaha!

1) Aquazorb towels (lightweight towels that have high absorption level. perfect for travellers!)

2) Fibrella umbrella (normal-size, pink or black)

3) Bath Gel from The Body Shop (except Moringa scent)

4) The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (movie cover)

La la la . . . Wishlist
Fall in Love
Since both my birthday and Christmas are coming up, best to put this out there :D

Things YOU can give me:
1) Bag - I'm in bad need of one. medium-sized bag that could hold my stuff. If you know me well - you know my taste (I love Nine West bags):)
2) cute, functional notepads
3) non-stick cooking ware
4) Powerbooks/National Bookstore GCSs
5) Nine West gcs (if there is such a thing)

I don't really need but nice to have :D
6) Iphone? (I'm not sure on this one. Well I'm really only after the possibility of taking pictures, then posting it on twitter. Having said that, you can also give me a data plan. hahaha!)
7) new camera (I looooove Mimi. I can't/don't want to let go of her BUT her response time is really slow.)

Can only wish and hope and pray for:
8) a new, challenging job
9) possibility of affording to travel next year
10) willing/fun companion for the possible travel (sometimes companions are really hard to find)

Fall in Love
I don't know if I will get to see you this year. If I don't get the chance to see you until June . . . I hope someday our paths will cross. I really hope so. After all, your home with some of the people who have been really nice to me.

Random thoughts
Fall in Love
Someone from the office is leaving for another work and we're coming up with trivias about her. It made me think about myself. And so before I lose myself at where ever I am right now, let me try to put into words my thoughts about myself.

1) Catharsis for me comes in the form of writing down my thoughts or venting out with a friend.
2) In connection with #1, I collect small notebooks.
3) I yearn for learning. One of the reasons why I want to pursue graduate school.
4) Intelligence is the sexiest thing I find in a man.
5) I love Nine West bags.
6) My laptop, external hard drive and cell phone pouch are all pink. Given a choice, I would want to have a pink cell phone or DSLR. Though my favorite color is purple.
7) I'm attracted to shades of red, pink and white (though I know that this not really a color).
8) I used to dream about Autumn. When I've witnessed it already, I got over it.
9) The only American series I watch: Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters.
10) I wish to someday be able to see New York and Paris.
11) I want experience living independently.
12) I want to travel anywhere at Asia with E.
13) I love Disneyland.
14) I want to learn about more about interior design and combination of colors.
15) I always look for love in the books I read. And it does not have to be cheesy/romantic type of love.
16) I am a fan of the Harry Potter series.
17) When I travel, I always make sure that I have pasalubong to all members of my family and E.
18) I can be impulsive and indecisive.

Christmas Wishlist
Fall in Love
I realized lately that I no longer want so many things. My birthday wish was actually to have some peace and quiet at work (I'm serious). But then again, there are a lot of non-material things that I am really praying for. For everything else, I can save up for. :)

In no particular order:
1. a big messenger bag (either plain brown or something with a splash of colors)
2. comfortable, durable, dainty pair of flats (I want this pair of Anthology shoes that costs P2,850. I find the price steep so I'm not really buying that).
3. pink or Red wallet (I want the Nine West brand)
4. new Ipod earphones
5. Starbucks 2011 planner

I'm considering:
1. buying a new phone
2. and buying a camera that is in between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR

Setting Priorities
Fall in Love
Today, E and I drove all the way south to check a property. We found out about it from a friend and got interested because a) of low price compared to properties here in Manila; b) affordable payment scheme for the down payment; and c) reputable developer (Ayala Land). Being new to this, I called two of my friends yesterday who already have experiences buying a property. Some of the things that I found out are: a) Pag-Ibig financing is definitely cheaper (has lower interest rate) than bank financing; b) original titles are given once you fully pay the loan (in Pag-Ibig's case, they will give you a photocopy of the title after a certain number of payments and the original title will be given at the end of the term), c)I need to ask when the place will be fully developed; d) I need to ask about payment schemes.

I really enjoyed our first experience of visiting a potential property. First of all, I don't really have intentions of living there that's why I didn't care if it was located at the far south. I just want a property that I can call an/our investment. I have other plans for the future but that well . . . .is another story. The subdivision is strategically surrounded or near the industrial park with its plants and factories. I must admit that I was already day dreaming earlier of just applying for work there IF I decide to live in the area. The subdivision was still under development and the first sector is expected to be complete by end of December. We just visited model houses earlier. So far, I really like what I saw and I was already set in buying their single home unit (with garage and house of 2 floors). Our broker/sales agent was really nice and helpful. I especially love that he was not pushy like other sales agents. Of course, he was convincing us to reserve already BUT I like it when he didn't try to convince us more when E and I decided that we'll think about it first. Actually, if it was me, I would have paid the reservation fee already earlier but E said that it's better if we look for other places for comparison. He may be right, I may be impulsive. And now, I'm excited to check other places already.

I also realized today that this is really a BIG step. What I liked about this property is that it has affordable payment schemes. Although, even if it is affordable (with the help of Pag-Ibig) I have to consider that some of our priorities need to take a back seat if we are going to push through with buying this property. For example, with this investment and with our goal to work abroad, a church wedding of at least 300K may not be feasible. Though on that part, I'm not at all worried. After all, lavish wedding is the last thing I want.

I also realized that if we say yes to this, E and I can't afford to lose our jobs. And God knows how badly I want to leave my current job. If I do that, I can't afford to settle for getting any amount that is lesser on what I am already receiving.

Here's where we have to set our priorities. I have to remind myself about the 'we' part though. I tend to have things my way. LOL.

I need inspiration, not just another negotiation
Fall in Love
I have forgotten how it feels to be inspired.

I have so many things to talk about but just for today, let's talk about my weight.

I now weigh the heaviest that I have been. I remember that during grad school, I used to come home stressed that even if I have already eaten at school, I would still eat at home just to drown away the stress. E and I eat at restaurants and fastfoods every time we see each other. I love Chinese food that I always crave for it. I'm not fond of sweets - ice cream or chocolate - but I indulge in Starbucks. During the proxy season - my comfort food would be tuna pan de sal and iced mocha from Starbucks. I would stay really late at night at the office during those times. My dinner would be the tapa or lechon kawali rice meal from 711 paired with Nissin Spicy Seafood. Then when I come home from work, I still can't resist eating again. I try to justify that I'm tired and I needed all the food.

Last July, I went to Singapore and stayed there for 6 days. The trip inspired me to lose weight because I wanted to look good at the pictures. I didn't go into a diet. Or at least, that's what I told myself. I went into "healthy" eating. I stopped eating junk foods, instant noodles, chocolates and didn't drink soft drinks. I lessened my intake of rice. There was a time where I didn't eat rice just to lose weight. It backfired on me because after that, I craved for rice that I only ended up eating more rice than I usually do. That's why this time, I didn't automatically deleted it from my diet - I just lessened it. Then I started exercising. I was hitting the treadmill for 3 - 4 times each week. The result - I lost 5 pounds in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks.

But then I went to Singapore and the food was delicious - so I gave in to all SG could offer. After Singapore, I had a trip to Davao - where again - food was in abundance. At Davao, there were lechon, calderetang kambing, fresh seafood, arroz caldo and I just did not stop eating. After Davao was another trip to Bicol.

Now, I still can't bring myself to hit the treadmill again. My clothes don't fit me more that I end up buying new clothes to fit me. I have already stuffed a 15-kilo luggage with all the clothes that I could not wear anymore.

I want to lose weight badly . . but where is the inspiration to push me to do it?

Saturday Night-Out
Fall in Love
"Baby tonight DJ got us falling in love again (my LSS from a Saturday/night out with Sese and Arvin). Itinerary for our trip next year - check! (we planned for less than 30 mins. :P)" - as posted in my Facebook

Earlier today, as I was about to take my usual dose of afternoon siesta, I got a text message from Arvin asking where I am. After several exchange of messages, he was asking me to join him and Sese to UP Diliman. I declined as sleep was more inviting and told them to enjoy. After a few minutes, sleep seemed to evade me and my thoughts drifted to a possible road trip. At last I gave in! After less than 2 hours, Sese and I were on the road heading to UP Diliman.

The UP Diliman Food Trip. We started with eating isaw near the Asian Studies. I had the usual - isaw baboy, isaw manok and tenga ng baboy. We then headed to SC where there were several stalls of different food choices. We had manngang hilaw with bagoong and asin with sili as dipping sauces. Then we had the usual fare of kwek-kwek, quekiam, fish balls and squid balls. UP is indeed a food trip haven with such choices!

We went with Sese to inspect the URC beverage section at a mall in QC. We then proceeded to UP-Ayala Techno Hub to eat but since we were still full from all the street food in UP, we still could not bring ourselves to eat. UP-Ayala TH is home to some of the really good restos to eat at like Razon's Le Ching Tea House and my favorite - Kanin Club. They also have a National Bookstroe where I bought my 2nd installment of the Percy Jackson series.

We moved to Eastwood and had dinner at our favorite place - Jack's Loft. We had our usual favorites - fishbowl iced tea, chicken stir-fry, chicken fingers and beef salpicao.

There was a bazaar at Eastwood and I ended up buying the Victoria's Secret - Secret Charm. Somehow, I wasn't able to maximize my haggling skills. I was only able to ask for a small amount as discount. I wish I could have asked for more.

So that was how my day went. Very unlike yesterday. :)

That elusive pair of really good shoes
Fall in Love
I spent today cleaning my room and basically attempting to keep things in order. I washed my slippers and flats. I intended to clean those shoes that I do not use anymore in hopes that I get to use them again. As much as I want to buy new pairs of shoes, it's about time I become frugal and stop spending. I went through my closet of shoes and sorted out the boxes - between those that I would still use and those that are already damaged and I have to throw out. I was surprised because there was a pair of shoes which I haven't used for years which I thought was still in good condition. To my surprise, the sole disintegrated when I held it. Was it because of the heat? I ended up with about six to seven pairs which I am throwing out.

I remember a blog entry written by a college classmate. She said that in the past, she used to buy shoes which after several uses, got worn out and just had to be thrown away. She vowed not to buy cheap shoes as she ends up buying new pairs again after several uses. I still haven't seen that brand of shoes that is sturdy enough, comfortable and with cute design. As of now, I'm loving my VNC and Figlia shoes and my Havaianas. I have 3 pairs of VNC sandals which I really love. My 2 pairs of ballet flats from Figlia though are comfortable and cute but could not keep up with my feet. I have actually bought 2 pairs of Figlia ballet flats of the same design. The 1st pair, I am already throwing out because it got worn out already. The second is already reaching its limit and already showing signs of fatigue.

I won't buy any pair any time soon. But do you think the Anthology brand is any good?

the wishlist post
Fall in Love
And I'm not making this just because my birthday is coming (aha! excuses!)
This wish list will be of those material things which I want to have (either I can afford them or some generous people will make me extremely happy by granting my wishes) and some are things which I am planning to do.

(of course, in no particular order)
1. a Nine West white/off-white bag
2. a purple bag
3. DSLR (I want a Nikon)
4. Ipod Touch 32GB would be nice
5. a new Starbucks mug (mine got broken)
6. non-stick pan
7. Asian and Italian ingredients to inspire me to cook

1. enroll in a baking class
2. buy an oven
3. finish MBA
4. go to Singapore
5. buy a DSLR

Some things I am considering doing(short-term):
1. go to Manila Ocean Park
2. Corregidor? I'm not really sure
3. go to the beach
4. Watch ASAP (I want!!!)
5. watch a concert
6. attend mass at Antipolo church

end note:
It's nice to be writing again - both online and in paper. I've updated several entries on this blog. But they're private or can be read by friends. This is a journal after all. :)


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